Testing Accommodations

  • None; or

  • Identify Accommodation(s)

    • Type

    • Conditions

e.g., test characteristics- type, length, purpose

    • Implementation Recommendations

e.g., amount of extended time, type of setting specific to the testing accommodation

Speaker Notes:

Slide 8: Testing Accommodations

As part of the IEP, the Committee must indicate the individual testing accommodations needed by the student, if any, to be used consistently:

  • in his or her recommended education program,

  • in the administration of district-wide assessments of student achievement, and

  • consistent with Department policy, in State assessments of student achievement that are needed by the student to participate in the assessment.

This section would only be completed for preschool students if there is an assessment program for nondisabled preschool students.

The purpose of testing accommodations is to enable students with disabilities to participate in assessment programs on an equal basis with their nondisabled peers. Testing accommodations provide an opportunity for students with disabilities to demonstrate mastery of skills and attainment of knowledge without being limited or unfairly restricted due to the effects of a disability. Testing accommodations should not be excessive, and should alter the standard administration of the test to the least extent possible.

The State’s IEP form provides testing accommodation drop-down options. However, since this list is not finite, text boxes allow the district to enter additional testing accommodation recommendations as appropriate.

For each recommended testing accommodation, the Committee must, as applicable, identify:

  • the conditions or types of tests that will require testing accommodations (such as type, length, purpose of test), as well as

  • any implementation recommendations (such as amount of extended time, duration and interval of breaks).

For additional information on testing accommodations, links to the Department’s Office of Assessment Policy, Development and Administration (APDA) and the guidance document entitled Test Access and Accommodations for Students with Disabilities —Policy and Tools to Guide Decision-Making and Implementation are provided at the end of this presentation.