New York State Education Department Forms


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  1. New York State Education Department (NYSED) Prior Written Notice (Notice of Recommendation)
  2. Prior Written Notice
  3. Background
  4. Regulatory Requirement
  5. NYSED Release of Prior Written Notice
  6. Prior Written Notice What is it?
  7. Prior Written Notice When must a district provide it?
  8. Required Information
  9. Prior Written Notice Form
  10. Prior Written Notice Form (cont.)
  11. Identifying Information
  12. Description of the Action Proposed or Refused
  13. Explanation of Why the Action is Proposed or Refused
  14. Description of Each Evaluation Procedure, Assessment, Record or Report used in the Decision to Propose or Refuse the Action
  15. For an Initial or Reevaluation - Description of the Proposed Initial or Reevaluation and the Uses to be Made of the Information
  16. Description of Any Other Options Considered and the Reasons Why Those Options Were Rejected
  17. Description of Other Factors that are Relevant to the Proposed or Refused Action
  18. Protection under the Procedural Safeguards of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education
  19. Sources You May Contact to Obtain Assistance in Understanding the Special Education Process
  20. Additional Information Related to the Subject of the Notice
  21. Additional Required Information and Enclosures
  22. Example: Initial Evaluation Preschool Student School-age Student
  23. Subjects of Prior Written Notice that Require Additional Information and/or Enclosures to be Included in Prior Written Notice
  24. Closing
  25. Examples
  26. For Additional Technical Assistance
  27. Questions
  28. Meeting Notice and IEP Training

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