Identifying Information

Date: March 2, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. George Harrington     

55 Chestnut St.

Anytown, NY 45678

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian of Barbara Harrington

Student’s DOB: 1/2/92     Local ID #: 12345   

The purpose of this notice is to inform you, in writing, of the school district’s recommendation regarding the identification, evaluation, educational placement and/or provision of special education services to your child.

Subject of the notice: Reevaluation

Anytown Central School District

Prior Written Notice

(Notice of Recommendation)

Speaker Notes:

Slide 11: EXAMPLE: Identifying Information

This and the next several slides show examples of information that might appear in a prior written notice to the parent of a school-age student about a proposed reevaluation. All the information in these examples relate to the reevaluation.

This example provides identifying information for the student and parent and also explains to the parent the purpose and subject of the notice, in this case, a reevaluation.

Other examples of subjects about which prior written notice would be provided include: conducting an initial evaluation, making an initial eligibility determination or making a declassification recommendation. A more complete list of the subjects for which prior written notice must be provided is in Attachment 4. This list should not be construed to limit the subjects of a prior written notice. Districts should add additional subjects not included on the list as appropriate. Additionally districts may identify one or more subjects of the notice on the prior written notice, depending on the circumstances.