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Slide 12: Meeting Notice - When must a parent receive meeting notice?

A parent must receive meeting notice:

However, there are two exceptions when meeting notice may be provided to the parent(s) less than 5 days before the meeting. These circumstances include:

  1. When the parent and school district agree that a meeting should occur within five days. In that case, the requirement that the parent receive the notice within five days cannot be met.

  2. When the purpose of the meeting is to meet the timelines related to suspension or removal of a student for disciplinary reasons (such as when the CSE must meet to recommend the education services the student will be provided during a suspension or removal from school). In this circumstance, regulations provide an exception from the requirement that the parent must receive the meeting notice at least 5 days before the meeting.

In both these exceptions, the district still has the obligation to provide meeting notice to the parent about the upcoming meeting. The parent should be notified by other means (such as a telephone communication) of the required meeting information and must be given the written notice as soon as practicable, prior to the meeting.