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Slide 29: Other information required to be included in a Subcommittee meeting notice

The following information is required to be included in a meeting notice for a Subcommittee meeting.

In the CSE meeting notice, there is a paragraph specifically regarding Subcommittee.

It informs parents that a Subcommittee of the CSE includes the same members as a CSE with the exception of:

It also informs parents that if the meeting will be conducted by a Subcommittee on Special Education, upon receipt of a written request from the parent, the Subcommittee will refer to the full CSE any matter on which the parent disagrees with the Subcommittee’s recommendation concerning a modification or change in the identification, evaluation, educational placement or provision of a free appropriate public education to the student. 

New York State law authorizes use of a Subcommittee for school-age students, but not for preschool students.