Identifying information in meeting notice

  • Letterhead

  • Date of notice

  • Parent(s) name and address

  • Student’s date of birth and local identification number (if district uses local identification numbers)

  • Introductory paragraph, including type of meeting

Speaker Notes:

Slide 17: Meeting Notice- Identifying information

The notice informs parents about the meeting and encourages their participation.

Districts should place the Meeting Notices on the school district’s letterhead.

The district is responsible to complete the notice by filling in all the blank spaces.  

The identifying information includes the:

  • date of the notice,

  • parent’s name and address; and

  • student’s date of birth and local identification number, (if the district uses local ID numbers).

In the introductory paragraph, the:

  • type of Committee that will conduct the meeting is identified;

  • parent’s participation is encouraged;

  • parent is identified as a member of the Committee; and

  • parent is informed of his/her right to participate in discussions and decisions about the identification, evaluation and placement of their child.