Other information in meeting notice as required by law and/or regulation (con’t)

CPSE Notice

  • The parent has the opportunity to address the CPSE in writing or in person.

  • For children transitioning from the Early Intervention (EI) Program, the parent may request that the district invite the EI service coordinator/representative to initial CPSE meeting.

Speaker Notes:

Slide 27: Other information required to be included in a CPSE meeting notice

The following information is required to be included in a CPSE meeting notice.

The law specifically requires that parents of preschool children with disabilities or suspected of having disabilities be notified that they may also address the CPSE in writing.

While only the CPSE meeting notice includes this information, a parent of any student with a disability can address the Committee in writing or in person and information submitted by the parent must be considered in the Committee meeting.

Additionally, for parents of preschool children, the CPSE Meeting Notice informs parents, that if the child is transitioning from early intervention services (EI Services) and if it is the first CPSE meeting for the child, the parent has the right to request that the district invite an EI representative to the meeting to assist with the smooth transition of services. The EI representative could be the EI service coordinator or other representative of the EI system.