Other information in meeting notice as required by law and/or regulation (con’t)

CSE Notice

  • Parent may submit written request for school physician (72 hours)

  • For meetings considering postsecondary goals & transition services

    • indicate purpose

    • indicate that student will be invited

    • identify agency that will be invited to send agency representative

Speaker Notes:

Slide 28: Other information required to be included in a CSE meeting notice

The following information is required to be included in a CSE meeting notice.

For a CSE meeting, the notice informs parents that they may submit a written request that the school district include the participation of the school physician in the CSE meeting, notifying parents that this request must be made in writing at least 72 hours (or three days) before the meeting.  A physician is not included as a member of a preschool committee; nor of a subcommittee. 

The Meeting Notice informs parents that if the meeting is to consider post-secondary goals and transition services, that the student will be invited to attend the meeting.   

In addition, this notice informs parents that, with parent consent or with the consent of the student, if he or she is age 18 or older, a representative from one or more agencies will be invited to the meeting if that agency is likely to be responsible for providing or paying for transition services.  for invited agencies, the form only needs to indicate the name of the agency and regulations do not require the name and title of the individual who will attend the meeting on behalf of the invited agency.

This paragraph, containing this transition information, must be included in all the CSE and Subcommittee meeting notices, even if the upcoming meeting is for a younger student. In such a case, a district should indicate ‘not applicable’ on the form.