NYSED Release of Meeting Notice

January 2010 on the NYSED website:

  • Release memo

  • CPSE meeting notice form

  • CSE meeting notice form

  • Directions to use forms

  • Meeting Notice: Q & A


Districts are encouraged to begin to use the State’s model forms now prior to their mandatory use.

Speaker Notes:

Slide 4: NYSED Release of the Meeting Notice

The State’s forms were released to the field in January 2010, as model forms, along with directions for their use and information in a question and answer format on the requirements relating to meeting notice.   

On the NYSED website, which is posted on this slide, there is a link to Meeting Notices. That link will bring you to: an introductory policy memorandum, introducing the model meeting notices. There are links to both the CPSE and CSE meeting notices, as well as links to Attachment 2 - the Directions for using the forms, and Attachment 3 — a Question and Answer document that provides important information on federal and State requirements relating to meeting notices that must be considered in completing Meeting Notice forms for parents.

To assist you in understanding the material in this presentation, please print these documents from the website and have them in front of you as you view this presentation.

School districts are strongly encouraged to begin to use these forms as soon as possible.

The meeting notice forms may be used in their current Word format, or they may be converted to another format, including a computerized format.  However, it is important that both parents and districts understand that, once the State forms are required for use during the 2011-12 school year and thereafter, the forms may not be modified to change their appearance or content.