Parent Participation in Meetings
8NYCRR § 200.5(d)

Districts must take steps to ensure parent presence and participation at meetings, including:

    • Notifying parents of meeting

    • Scheduling at a mutually agreed on time and place

    • Offering other methods of participation

Speaker Notes:

Slide 6: Parent Participation in Meetings

A district must take steps to ensure that parents are able to attend Committee meetings or are afforded the opportunity to participate in the meetings. The district must:

  • notify parents prior to the meeting. A district must send a written Meeting Notice to the parent at least five days before the meeting, so that the parent is informed about the meeting and has the opportunity to attend;

  • schedule the meeting at a mutually agreed upon time and place and in a location that is physically accessible to the parents to ensure that parents have the opportunity to participate in committee meetings; and

  • ensure that parents have alternative methods for participation if they cannot physically attend the meeting. These methods could include videoconferencing, or participation by telephone conference call.