Parent Participation (con’t)

  • Documenting attempts to encourage participation

  • Ensuring parents understand the proceedings at the meeting

Speaker Notes:

Slide 7: Parent participation – continued

If the district is unable to persuade the parent to attend, the school must keep a detailed record of its attempts to convince the parent to attend the meeting; its attempts to arrange the meeting at a mutually agreed upon time and place; and the results of those attempts.

The district must have practices in place to encourage parent participation at committee meetings and to document those attempts. While the written meeting notice is one means to ensure parents are notified of the opportunity to participate, it cannot be the only means used by the district. Additional practices to encourage parent participation may include, but are not limited to, follow-up written reminders and phone calls by the student’s teacher or district administrative staff to the parent before the meeting personally encouraging parent attendance or participation.

When a parent participates in a meeting, the district must take whatever actions are necessary to ensure that parents understand what is occurring at the Committee meetings. This might involve arranging for an interpreter for parents who are deaf or whose native language is a language other than English.