Parent Participation (con’t)

A school district may conduct a Committee meeting and develop recommendations without a parent in attendance if:

    • The district is unable to obtain the parents’ participation;

    • The district has a record of its attempt to ensure parental involvement; and

    • If appropriate, the Committee considers any written information submitted by the parent.

Speaker Notes:

Slide 8: Parent participation – continued

Despite a district’s repeated and documented efforts to involve parents in committee meetings and decision-making, there may be occasions when a parent is unable or unwilling to attend or otherwise participate in the committee meeting. In those instances, a district may conduct a meeting without the parent in attendance.

Additionally, the Committee may develop its recommendations without the involvement of the parent(s) if the school is unable to obtain the parents’ participation in the decision. In this case, the district must have a record of their attempts to ensure parental involvement. When a parent cannot attend a meeting and he or she submits written information to the Committee before the meeting, this information must be considered in the committee meeting.