Situations that are not considered meetings.

A meeting does not include:

  • informal or unscheduled conversations involving school personnel;

  • conversations on issues such as teaching methodology, lesson plans, or coordination of service provision; or

  • preparatory activities that school personnel engage in to develop a proposal, or response to a parent proposal, that will be discussed at a later meeting.

Speaker Notes:

Slide 9: Situations that are not considered ‘meetings’

Parents also should be aware that not every conversation about their child constitutes a CPSE, CSE or Subcommittee meeting.

For example: a meeting does not include:

  • An unscheduled conversation between a related service provider and classroom teacher providing an informal update on how a student did in speech that morning; OR

  • Conversations between personnel on the most effective methods to teach a particular Science or math lesson, or what content should be included in study guides; OR

  • A student’s special education teacher gathering information on student performance and behavior from various general education teachers as part of a Functional Behavior Assessment.