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students in our library . scouts hold a car wash . Student petting a deer . exploring a creek
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Learning and understanding evolve from first hand experiences!

Superintendent - Barbara J. Lemen
Education Department Head-
Donna Creegan
Related Services Department Head - Sherri Bartz

Education Classrooms

Nicole Barrett
Jackie Battaglia
John Carroll
Renee D'Angelo
Tabitha Fidanza
Jamie Kahn
Carol Pangrazio
Julie Zielonka

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Related Services Departments

Adapted Physical Education - Brendan Brady, Kurt Diesfeld, and Norm Liss
Audiology - Cindy Bovier
Art Therapy - Jacky Clements
Assistive Technology Center - John Steiner and Jamie Wallace
Braille - Diane LaClair and Jamie Wallace
Dietetic and Food Services - Stefanie Tubin and Michele Buczek
Music Therapy - Astrid Herrmann
Occupational Therapy - Lucy Sloan, John Steiner, and Joan Mattle
Orientation and Mobility - Amy LaDow and Joanna Farrell
Physical Therapy - Michele Stamp and Pam Cone
Speech Therapy - Theresa Ash, Lisa Klossner, and Debra Hilton
Pre-Vocation- Mark Faulkner
School Psychologist/Behavior Specialist - Deanna LoVerde
Social Work - Bethany Burgess


Student Council
Yearbook Club
Boy Scouts
Girl Scouts


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Last Updated: October 2, 2014