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Music Therapy

Astrid Herrmann, Music Therapist

stephanie practicing a new song during music therapy chris playing guitarat a chritmas concer joey playing piano during music therapy

What is Music Therapy?

In Music Therapy, music is used as a tool to help motivate our students to maintain, increase or to learn new skills which will enhance their lives.   Skills that are learned in Music Therapy will be carried over into the student’s daily routine.  Students participate in either group or individual Music Therapy sessions as determined through evaluation by the music therapist, who determines a students needs.

Music Therapy focuses on:

  • Applying the elements of musical experience in a scientific and purposeful way to effect positive change in human behavior.
  • Use music as a tool to communicate with individuals who either may have or may not use other means of communication, or for whom music is an especially meaningful mode of communication.
  • Helping students to gain, maintain, or regain basic essential life skills by participating in structured musical experiences so that students may realize their full potential in society.

lyndsay participating in music class Kyle playing a song on a piano during a christmas sing-a-long

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Last Updated: March 12, 2015