Special Education

NYS School for the Blind, photos of the students
Orientation & Mobility Department

O & M Specialist:

Joanna Farrell , TVI
Amy Fisher, TVI, COMS

O & M Information Resources:

If your child's IEP contains O & M instruction, your child will receive training in one or more of the following:

-Basic concepts
-Motor, cognitive, communication and social skills necessary for O & M travel
-Body and spatial awareness
-Sensory awareness
-Laterality and directionality
-Awareness & localization of sounds and smells
-Identification of textures and terrain
-Indoor travel skills
-Identification and use of landmarks, clues, and cues
-Trailing and self-protective techniques
-Sighted guide techniques
-Safe travel in familiar buildings (school)
-Outdoor travel skills
-Techniques for using a long cane
-Techniques for using low vision and/or travel devices
-Safe travel in a residential neighborhood
-Travel in a business environment
-Appropriate use of public transportation
-Safe travel on and off campus/in the community
-Social, self-advocacy and consumer skills for making purchases

If your child needs to develop the pre-requisite skills required for direct O & M instruction, a classroom instructor and various staff members, who have received in-service in the proper O & M skills and techniques, will teach your child these pre-requisite skills.

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Last Updated: March 12, 2015