Special Education

NYS School for the Blind, photos of the students
Occupational Therapy

Senior Occupational Therapist, Lucy Sloan
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants:
John Steiner and Joan Mattle

Occupational Therapy is a related service that supports and enhances the child’s educational program.  Intervention is determined in conjunction with the MultiDisciplinary Team and reviewed annually.  Sessions may take place anywhere in the school, but are typically held in the classroom, dining room, OT treatment room, or dormitory.  Areas addressed by OT depend on problems identified in the student’s assessment and may include:

  • Self-help skills, including dressing, feeding, and personal hygiene
  • Motor control as it relates to daily living skills and occupational role, i.e. student, family member
  • The ability to organize and process sensory information
  • Equipment needs/adaptive technology, if needed, to promote independence (in consultation with the technology committee)

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Last Updated: March 12, 2015