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Family Association:

Sharon Fuller--(315)493-1893 Slzfuller@yahoo.com

Rene' Madore--(315)525-0518 renemadore@gmail.com
Ruby Vann Britton--(518)891-9362 ruby_britton@outlook.com

Family Support Agencies and Trainings

NYS Parent Network: http://www.nysparentnetwork.org/

Albany Captial Region Parent Network: http://www.pncrny.org/index.php

WNY Parent Network: http://www.parentnetworkwny.org/

Parent to Parent of New York State: http://parenttoparentnys.org/

New York State Parents: http://www.nysparents.com/nys/

The Advocacy Center: http://www.advocacycenter.com/

Families Together in NYS: http://www.ftnys.org/index.cfm

NYSSB Parent Handbook

The Family Handbook is available upon request by our student's family members.
Contact Lancy Frongetta, Superintendent's Secretary
585-343-5384, extension 205

Mission Statement

Who We Are
The Family Association of the NYSSB (formally know as the Parent Association) are the parents, grandparents, and Legal Guardians, etc. of the students at the NYSSB. 

What We Do
We come together to meet and discuss issues involving our children, learn information from various speakers/educators, share ideas and support one another.

Where We Meet
We meet approximately four times a year at the NYSSB in Batavia, New York.

When We Meet
The exact dates and times of the meetings will be published in a Family Association Newsletter that will be mailed out to every student’s family.

Why We Exist
We want every member of every student’s family to feel they are a part of the student’s school life and are welcomed at the NYSSB.  We are not an official advocate for you or your children, however, we will certainly strive to make your concerns, opinions and presence known.

Future Plans

  1. We hope to provide training and information on topics pertaining to you and your child at each of our meetings. 
  2. We plan on establishing a Family Center within the NYSSB where family can “hang out” with their children, meet other families of NYSSB students, exchange information and ideas, use Internet to access information pertinent to you family’s situation, speak to NYSSB Staff/Faculty/Superintendent and much more.
  3. Have fundraisers to help meet some of the needs of the children that are not being met by the NYSSB (e.g. new playground equipment, Braille board games, etc

First and foremost, we need your support and your participation.  Even if you are not physically able to attend meetings, an E-mail, letter, phone call, internet chat, or conference call during our meeting will be appreciated.  You are important to us and your input is invaluable.

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  • To share experiences, strategies, struggles and information because there is a strength in knowledge and numbers
  • To maintain strong, effective advocacy efforts on behalf of our children and NYSSB because commitment requires action and followthrough
  • To learn about services, resources and relevant issues because informed, confident family members are the best advocates for our children


  • We bear the primary responsibility for our children.
  • We know our children better than anyone else.
  • We can best identify the needs of our children.
  • We deserve to be fully informed about all issues affecting our children in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • We are equal partners with other professionals in decisions affecting our children.


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Last Updated: April 27, 2016