Special Education

Academic Intervention Services

The communication challenges deaf students encounter related to learning have made it more difficult for our students to acquire language skills at the same pace as their hearing peers. Many of our students have additional disabilities that make it even more challenging. NYSSD attempts to shrink the language gap by providing Academic Intervention Services (AIS) for students that show a need.

Academic Intervention Services supplements English, Language & Math instruction that is provided in the general education curriculum, with a goal of improving student performance on State Assessment Tests.

Deaf students face many challenges related to learning:

  • Difficulty learning the English Language
  • Communication difficulties with others
  • Acquiring vocabulary at grade level
  • Limited background knowledge

Some students also face:

  • Secondary or co-occurring disabilities related to cognitive, physical & learning issues

AIS addresses these challenges through:

  • Study skills instruction
  • “Good Practices” instruction
  • Creative games & activities
  • Building up test taking skills
  • Homework support
  • Guided reading & writing programs
Last Updated: June 28, 2010