Special Education

Maintenance, Housekeeping, and Food Services

The Food Service Department is responsible for serving a nutritious meal and follows the State and federal guidelines. The Food Service Dept. follows a child nutrition program. Our idea is to try and keep the students involved in our menu planning, that way we keep them interested in what we serve.

The Food Service Department is a stepping stone for our schools Work Study Program. We enjoy having our students working with us.

The Food Service Department also does a lot of special catering events for the school. From
school dances, Student Appreciation, the End of the Year Picnics, to graduation.)


Our facility consists of eight buildings, approximately 225,000 square feet, situated on 17 acres. The department is responsible for the routine maintenance and operation of the heating, air conditioning, and plumbing systems along with the upkeep of the grounds and athletic fields, sidewalks, parking lots and roadways through all four seasons.

Throughout all facets of maintenance life, safety and a comfortable environment for students, staff and residents remain the departments’ main objective.


The housekeeping staff at NYSSD provides service 5 days a week, 12 months a year in the residential and educational settings including administration. We clean approximately 120,000 square feet on a daily basis.

Green chemicals are purchased from NYSID. Green products are environmentally safe. This ensures that students and staff never become ill from any chemicals that are used.

During school shutdowns the housekeeping staff is responsible for major projects.

  • Floor stripping
  • Floor waxing
  • Floor buffing
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window washing
  • Furniture & upholstery cleaning
  • Spray washing of walls
  • Trash & Recycling
Last Updated: June 29, 2010