Special Education

Information Resource Center

Information Resource Bulletin BoardThe goal of our Library is to provide our students with a love of learning, curiosity,  and the skills necessary to use libraries and the Internet throughout their lives. We have a special library and information skills curriculum that is adapted for our students, but that uses state and national standards as guidelines.

In keeping with our goal of lifelong learning, we encourage the use of our local public library and the students’ home libraries. Our library also maintains a Literature Garden with plants related to curriculum and books. Story times for younger students are conducted outside, weather permitting, and encourage exploration in the garden. When we read about spider facts and fantasies, we later hunted for spiders in the garden. When we researched animals in the encyclopedia, we then measured their lengths in chalk along the garden path. After we read a mystery about rainbows and prisms, we then adjourned outside to experiment making our own rainbows. Reading Eric Carle’s 10 Rubber Ducks would open the possibility of exploring the science of sinking and floating. Sometimes we just quietly sit and enjoy a free-choice reading for pleasure opportunity.

Our excellent K-12 collection is supplemented through borrowing from other libraries. We have access to a variety of online-databases provided through the Madison-Oneida BOCES School Library System and the New York State NOVEL Program. These databases and our online catalog are available at www.moboces.org/cider External Link Image Icons. They may be accessed at any of our classroom or dorm computers. Passwords for home use of the databases are available to students and staff.

Our Library provides complete reference and referral services to our students, their families, and to our staff. The wider community is welcome to contact us with requests for materials related to deafness and sign language.

If you have questions about our Library program or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to email or call.

Last Updated: June 29, 2010