Temporary Task Force on Preschool Special Education
Minutes from November 6, 2007

Co-chairs:   Rebecca Cort, Deputy Commissioner NYSED
Kim Fine, Deputy Director NYS Division of Budget (absent)

(Albany) William Combes, Susan Constantino, Mary Garrett, Robert Frawley, Eddie Lee.
(By video conference) Mary Curtis, Michael Grossfeld
(By teleconference) Christine Vogelsang, , Michael Dedee, , Bradley Hutton, Mark Jasinski, Sally McKay, Patsy Yang

Facilitator: Rebecca Kennard
Recorders: Tina Goodwin-Segal and Sara Silver

Welcome and Agenda Review
Becky Cort welcomed everyone who attended the meeting in person, by video conference, and by phone.  The agenda was briefly reviewed.

Adoption of the October 17th  Meeting Minutes
The minutes of the October 17th Task Force meeting were unanimously approved.

Acceptance of the Final Report
With a few minor revisions, the final report of the Task Force was formally accepted.  Members and support staff were thanked for their dedication and hard work and encouraged to do their part to move the recommendations forward.

Final Words
Each member of the Task Force was given an opportunity to comment on the experience.  The members expressed a strong sense of accomplishment and appreciation of the work of their fellow members.