Workgroup 3—Delivery Systems
Group meeting minutes from
 Breakout Session on  6/28/2007

Group Leader: Rebecca Cort, Deputy Commissioner NYSED
Attendees: Michael Grossfeld, Judy Gerson - Rep. for Susan Constantino, Linda Rennie - Rep. for Mary Curtis, Donna Noyes - DOH, Harouna Ba -Rep. from Northeast Regional Education Lab

Facilitator: Donna Meixner               
Recorder: Tina Goodwin Segal

Workgroup members introduced themselves with a brief statement about the reason(s) for their interest in this workgroup. The group leader suggested ground rules for participation and passed out forms to gather members’ preferences for meeting times; workgroup members were asked to check “yes” or “no” on a list of specified dates and times.

The charge to the group was to think about long and short-term solutions to important delivery system issues. Workgroup members were encouraged to consider this an opportunity to be part of a process to achieve systemic change and to get to the hard issues around delivery systems in Preschool Special Education. Several leading questions were posed to help direct the group’s focus on important issues such as: Does our system make sense? Are the important priorities addressed? What role should school district’s play? How should counties be involved in the process?

From this introduction the workgroup began to look over the issues list that had been generated from the full task force session just prior. They then identified 6 major themes/categories for grouping the questions to make the list more manageable for future discussions. Below is the list of categories and issues that may be addressed by the Delivery Systems workgroup as they progress through the deliberation process.

Resources and factual information that needs to be gathered:

At the conclusion of the 30 minute breakout session, group members were asked to prepare for the next meeting by …

TIME:  9:00-12:00