July 10, 2007 Transition/Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) Workgroup Minutes

Kim Fine, Bradley Hutton, Christine Vogelsang, Mary Garrett, Michael Dedee, William Combes; SED was represented by Cindy Gallagher and Sandy Rybaltowski
[Additional people observed the meeting and were asked for input during select discussions.]

Facilitor  Bonnie Edelstein

Housekeeping items
Parking anywhere around the Capitol was a challenge and it was suggested that the next workgroup meeting be scheduled for a venue other than Albany. Christine V. will try to get space at NYSUT’s facilities in Latham.

Schedule of Future Workgroup Meetings

Tuesday, July 10 (12:00-4:00)
Monday, July 30 (12:00-4:00
Tuesday, August 14 (10:00-4:00)
Monday, September 10 (10:00-4:00)

Wednesday, September 12 (10:00-12:00) (hold for conference call)
Friday, September 14 (10:00-12:00) (hold for conference call)

1.  Issue Review and Assignment

Michael Dedee presented to the group a revised version of the list of issues generated during the full task force meeting organized into two main categories (Transition and LRE), and moved additional issues into an “other” category.  The group agreed with this approach and decided to focus on the two major categories.

Group discussion ensued regarding LRE, and the issue identified “truly define LRE”

The two main categories were discussed: Transition & LRE. Under Transition there will be two main points (Specific dates/points of transition & Continuity of Service). Under LRE – ID options for Preschool and make them accessible.

Issue Statement for next full meeting – What are the concerns/issues? Share broad issue and sort down into questions or statements. Bullets may be repeated.

A group discussion ensued regarding Transition and barriers to a seamless system, specifically:

2. Prioritize Issues & Define Workgroup Goals

Category 1 – Transition

Priority Issues to be Addressed


Discussion notes:

Discussion notes:

Category 2 – LRE

Priority Issues to Be Addressed


Discussion notes:

Discussion notes:

Discussion notes:

Discussion notes:

Discussion notes:

4. Identify Resources Needed to Better Understand Issues/Answer Questions

                        Topic                                                                    Assigned to

Transition data – EI to Preschool                                                  Brad
Birth-to-school age position papers                                              Brad
Updates on Chapter 57 Pre-K Standards Work                             Cindy

Data on 12 month vs. 10 month Preschool (including costs)         Sandy

4410 Programs that also provide EI                                              Sandy & Brad
EI Rates (Reimbursement)         Brad
Average Costs Preschool Special Ed                                            Cindy
 (including related services)
Universal Pre-K (LRE)                                                                 Cindy
Longitudinal Study Preschool Special Ed                                     At Task Force
CDA Curriculum                                                                           Kim

Copy of Standards/Briefing                                                           Kim
Early Childhood Policy Paper                                                      Cindy

6. Next Steps

Kim decided to have agenda item #5 EI – Preschool Transition Discussion tabled for the next meeting.

Clarification to group (Sandy): There is not a shortage of Early Childhood Special Education certified teachers. Geographically, maybe, but not statewide.

1.   List of all Preschool Special Education TF meetings
2.   Monroe County Early Intervention Program (2 page)
3.  The Transition of Children from The NYS Department of Health Early Intervention Program to The State Education Department Preschool Special Education Program or Other Early Childhood Services (February 2005)
4.   Preschool Special Education Program Fact Sheet, including statistical information
5.   Section 200.16 of Education Regulations regarding regression