Transition and Least Restrictive Environment Workgroup
Report for Full Preschool Special Education Task Force Meeting (July 17)

Category 1 – Transition

Priority Issues to be Addressed


Category 2 – LRE

Priority Issues to be Addressed



                        Topic                                                                    Assigned to

Transition data – EI to Preschool                                                  Brad
Birth-to-school age position papers                                              Brad
Updates on Chapter 57 Pre-K Standards Work                             Cindy
Data on 12 month vs. 10 month Preschool (including costs)         Sandy
4410 Programs that also provide EI                                              Sandy & Brad
EI Rates (Reimbursement)                                                Brad
Average Costs Preschool Special Ed                                            Cindy
 (including related services)
Universal Pre-K (LRE)                                                                 Cindy
Longitudinal Study Preschool Special Ed                                     At Task Force
CDA Curriculum                                                                           Kim
Copy of Standards/Briefing                                                           Kim
Early Childhood Policy Paper                                                      Cindy