Special Education


North Coast Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy, PLLC, located in St. Lawrence County in Waddington, NY, is a State-approved special education preschool provider currently serving 42 students.  Currently North Coast Therapy operates the following:

  • 2 full day Special Classes in Integrated Settings with a 6:1+2 ratio
  • Special Education Itinerant Services for 30 students

This program has notified the New York State Education Department (NYSED) that it will cease operation effective June 30, 2015.  As a result of this closure, the 18 districts in the St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES Region will have little to no access to special education itinerant services (SEIS) and  special classes in  an integrated setting (SCIS) for its preschool children with disabilities.

As a result, NYSED is seeking Letters of Intent from State approved 4410 preschool providers, currently approved to operate special classes in integrated settings and special education itinerant services, or from new agencies interested in providing preschool special education services. 

Letters of intent should include the following:

  • Contact Information: Agency name and address, director's name and telephone number.
  • Background information on the agency, including a description of the agency's experience in providing educational programs for preschool students with disabilities.
  • A description of the proposed physical plant or space and location for the program to address the program needs delineated above
  • A plan for program oversight, recruitment, staffing and supervision.
  • A time frame that should specify dates for planning, transition and full operation.

Please submit your Letter of Intent by mail no later than May 15, 2015 to:

Jacqueline Bumbalo
Coordinator, Upstate SEQA
New York State Education Department
Office of Special Education
Special Education Quality Assurance
Hughes State Office Building
333. E. Washington St., Suite 210
Syracuse NY 13202

Last Updated: April 10, 2015