Special Education

Participation in State and District-Wide Assessments


All students with disabilities must be included in State or district-wide assessment programs. If the Committee determines that the student will participate in an alternate assessment on a particular State or district-wide assessment of student achievement, the IEP must provide a statement of why the student cannot participate in the regular assessment, and why the particular alternate assessment selected is appropriate for the student.

For example, a student with severe disabilities may meet the criteria for participation in NYSAA. The IEP for this student would indicate that the student will be assessed using NYSAA because the student has a severe cognitive disability, significant deficits in communication/language and adaptive behavior; requires a highly specialized educational program that facilitates the acquisition, application, and transfer of skills across natural environments (home, school, community, and/or workplace); and requires educational support systems including assistive technology, personal care services, health/medical services, and behavioral intervention.

This section of the IEP would be completed for preschool students only if there is an assessment program for nondisabled preschool students.
Last Updated: February 25, 2010