Appendix 6-1

Bringing It Together Implementation Framework


 Where Do We Start?
Key Question
: Have we set goals to retain quality teachers who promote academic success for our students?


1.     Analyze data to identify the problem.

2.     Identify root causes of the problem.

3.     Examine reasons why the problem exists.



        Who Should We Involve?
Key Question: Have we reached out to partners who can support our efforts to retain quality teachers?

  1. Involve key school partners.

  2. Collaborate with institutions of higher education. 

  3. Include parents, families and community stakeholders.



What Do We Want to Do?
Key Question: Have we developed a school improvement plan that includes strategies for retention of quality teachers?


1.      Identify possible solutions.

2.      Develop or modify an action plan

3.      Implement the action plan. 




How Do We Do It?

Key Question: Have we created a supportive environment that ensures retention of quality teachers?

1.      Provide strong leadership.

2.      Define responsibilities. 

3.      Provide training and staff development. 


Where Do We Go From Here?

Key Question: Have we created a framework for feedback and continuous improvement to retain quality teachers?


1.     Evaluate and report results.

2.     Celebrate success.

3.     Sustain the effort.