Appendix: 6-10

Potential Evaluation Plan Performance Indicators and Targets



Role of the Administrator

Improving Working Conditions

Induction and Mentoring Programs that Work

   # of new general education and special education teachers remaining after five years

   Job satisfaction ratings for both exiting teachers and remaining new teachers

   Clear delineation of factors related to retention and exiting

   Correlation between teacher longevity and student results

   Existence and duration of a school or district wide retention plan.

   # of strategies developed to support new teachers

   % of teachers satisfied with job descriptions and work assignments

   % of new teachers satisfied with administrative respect and appreciation

   % of new teachers satisfied with administrative support system for professional development

   % of new teachers satisfied with administrative support for curriculum and instruction

   % of new teachers satisfied with administrative support for classroom management, teaching strategies, and skills

   % of new teachers satisfied with administrative support for discipline processes, procedures, and handling conflict and disruptive students

   % of new teachers satisfied with adequate pay and job benefits

   # of collaborative partnerships developed to support teaching and learning

   % of teachers who believe the school climate is supportive and enriching

   Availability of sufficient curriculum guides and resources

   # and type of teacher resources and equipment available

   % of teachers satisfied with resource availability

   % of teachers satisfied with curriculum and instructional control

   % of teachers satisfied with class size and workload

   % of teachers satisfied with working conditions and safety

   % of teachers satisfied with interaction and learning  from colleagues

   % of teachers satisfied with parental support

   % of teachers satisfied with student attitude towards learning and behavior

   % of teachers satisfied with adequacy of planning time and demands

   % of teachers satisfied with ability to link assessment results to engaging students in instructional support activities

   % of teachers supporting or participating in measurement of student results

   % of teachers with provisional certification

    # of new teachers with an assigned mentor or participating in an induction program

    % of mentors/mentees satisfied with selection process and results

    % of mentor satisfaction with preparation and development

    # of mentors/mentees satisfied with ratio of mentors to mentees

    # of mentors/mentees indicating satisfaction with strategies within mentoring program

    # of mentors and mentees satisfied with modification of schedules and meeting times to enhance mentoring

    # and scope of mentor sessions completed

    % of mentors/mentees satisfied with presence of evaluation and modifications made

    % of programs coordinated with other school supports

    % of programs supported by school administrator and other educators in the school

    % of programs linked with institutions of higher education