March 2004

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Jean C. Stevens
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SUBJECT: Career and Technical Education (CTE) Skills Achievement Profile for Students with Disabilities Receiving an Individualized Education Program (IEP) Diploma

The Offices of Curriculum and Instructional Support and Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID), have collaboratively developed a model Career and Technical Education (CTE) Skills Achievement Profile for students with disabilities who are pursuing an individualized education program (IEP) diploma. The model Profile was developed for students working towards an IEP diploma who participate in Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses. In these courses students develop a breadth of knowledge and a variety of abilities. This Profile will enable the student with an IEP diploma to provide a potential employer and/or postsecondary program with documentation of the career and technical skills proficiency level acquired.

The CTE Skills Achievement Profile documents studentís attainment of career and technical knowledge and skills; work-related skills and certification or licenses; and relates directly to the studentís individual Career Plan, as defined through the New York State Career Plan Initiative. The use of the two documents together provides a comprehensive acknowledgement of the studentís career-related history.

This Profile will help the Committee on Special Education (CSE) identify the transition service needs of students with disabilities, aged 14-21, when developing the IEP as part of the annual transition planning process. In addition, the identified skill levels will assist the VESID counselor to determine the functional eligibility of individuals who are referred for services.

The CTE Skills Achievement Profile may include information about:

The CTE Skills Achievement Profile is developed for each student with disabilities who is working toward an IEP diploma in the CTE program. The Profile is maintained in the school district/BOCES offices in accordance with records and retention policies along with the studentís Career Plan. The CTE Skills Achievement Profile for each student is reviewed and updated on a continuous basis by the student and appropriate CTE program or guidance personnel, and may include documentation related to a studentís Career Plan. The skills to be mastered by students with disabilities should be included in the appropriate components that address transition programs and services on a studentís Individualized Education Program.

A copy of the SED model CTE Profile is attached. For further information on CTE, go to (updated January 2011).

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