Directed Inquiry Activity (DIA)

Step 1. Review or write the content mastery goals for the body of material about to be taught.

Step 2. Compose several inquiry questions based on the goals and the text to be read.

Step 3. Distribute questions to students.

Step 4. Have students skim the text to discover what information will help them answer the questions. Discuss with students how they think the questions will be answered.

Step 5. As students make their predicted answers, ask them to explain why they think the answers they predict will be accurate. How does their prereading guess connect to their background knowledge and their brief review of the text?

Step 6. Have students carefully read the text.

Step 7. After students have read the text. Return to a discussion about the correct answers to your inquiry questions. This discussion, together with their reading of the text, should provide students with knowledge to clarify, modify, or extend their predicted answers.

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