Much larger percentages of students with disabilities are provided special education services in separate classes and in separate settings in the Big Five Cities, compared to rest of State.

Percent of School-Age Students with Disabilities (Ages 6-21) by Types of Educational Settings, 2006-07

Multiply Values by 100 to Obtain Percent Value
Big Five
Rest of State
National 2005-06
(Other Setting Data Are Not Yet Available)
In Other Settings
(incarcerated, home-schooled and
parentally placed in nonpublic schools)
Separate Settings 0.090.0430.0680.04
In General Education Programs
less than 40% of the School Day
In General Education Programs
between 40% and 79% of the School Day
In General Education Programs 80%
or more of the School Day

Chart Image: Bar Chart showingpercentages of students with disabilities provided services in separate setting - Big Five

Final: June 2007

Keynote by R. Cort, 10/3/07