Special Education

Mediation Services for Special Education

The New York State Dispute Resolution Association (NYSDRA), under a contract with the Office of Special Education, provides special education mediation for parents and school districts throughout New York State.

NYSDRA implements the special education mediation system through its twenty-four (24) Community Dispute Resolution Centers that cover each county. Experienced mediators who have received training in the special education system conduct the mediations.

Parents who disagree with the delivery of special education programs and services their child is receiving may use the mediation process to address and resolve disputes. Districts may also initiate a request that a parent go to mediation. Mediations are conducted at no cost to either the parent or school district. Evaluations of mediation sessions by parents and school districts are favorable. Both parties view mediation as a valuable and positive alternative to an impartial hearing, in that the mediation process is less adversarial than an impartial hearing and is completed in a more timely manner.

The New York State Dispute Resolution Association external link can be reached by calling (518) 687-2240.

Last Updated: October 20, 2016