Highlights of the
Longitudinal Study of Preschool
Special Education in New York State

What happens during and after Preschool Special Education Services?


  • This study was conducted by an independent research contractor, MGT of America, Inc. from 2000-2007 with the cooperation of 27 school districts, their preschool providers and the parents of special education students served in preschool and those classified during school age.
  • The study followed an experimental design. It was a 10% stratified (by N/RC) random sample representative of Statewide preschool special education students.
  • The preschool cohort attended preschool special education during 2000-01 or 2001-02 and entered Kindergarten in fall 2001 or fall 2002.
  • As the preschool cohort moved through the grades K-3, even if they were declassified between K and 3, data continued to be gathered on services, demographics and developmental progress ratings normed on the general population. (Note: developmental data could not begin to be collected until kindergarten.)
  • The comparison cohort served as a matching set of peers for each grade. As the preschool cohort moved through the grades K-3, students who became classified were added to the comparison cohort, so it built over time.
  • When data compares the preschool and comparison cohort, the students are in the same grade at the same time in the same schools.

Preliminary summary of findings
Source: independent research by MGT of America, Inc.

Statewide 10/03/07