Except in Rural High Need and Low Need districts, the majority of preschool special education students received 10-month services only


Multiply values by 100 to obtain percent values
New York City (n=2,418)Large Four (n=340)Urban-Suburban High Need (n=412)Rural High Need (n=239)Average Need (n=1,342)Low Need (n=543)All Districts (n=5,294)
10-month services only 0.550.640.620.440.650.480.58
12 calendar months of services 0.450.360.380.560.350.520.42

Chart Image: Bar Chart - preschool special education - 10 month services - rural high need and low need districts

Notes: All sampled students from all preschool special education settings, programs and services are represented in this chart.

Source: MGT of America, Inc., NY Preschool Special Education Database, 2000-2002; Report Exhibit 3-18
Oct. 3, 2007