Statistically Significant Findings

  • By grade 3, developmental progress of the preschool cohort generally exceeded that of the comparison cohort:

    • More highly integrated preschool special education programs and services (e.g., Related Services Only, Special Class Programs in Integrated Settings) are associated with higher levels of development than that shown by the non-preschool comparison cohort.

    • Preschool Special Class Programs are associated with lower levels of development than that shown by the comparison cohort.

Notes: The comparison cohort are the special education students who did not receive preschool special education services but were classified during school age and attended the same schools in the same grades as the preschool special education students.

Conversation may want to address the possible relationship of a greater degree of disability among children who had Preschool Special Class Programs.

Preliminary summary of findings
Source: independent research by MGT of America, Inc.


Oct. 3, 2007