Students Scoring in the 51st to 99Th Percentile Psychosocial Adjustment: T-CRS Task Orientation

Multiply values by 100 to obtain percent values
Third Grade
New York City Preschool Coort0.32
Large 4 Preschool Cohort0.37
Urban-Suburban High Need Preschool Cohort0.44
Rural High Need Preschool Cohort0.29
Average Need Preschool Cohort0.43
Low Need Preschool Cohort 0.44
Total Preschool Cohort0.36
Comparison Cohort, No Preschool Services0.32

Chart Image: Bar chart - psychosocial adjustment - task orientation

Notes: Positive Task Orientation would include student being observed as follows:

Negative Task Orientation would be observed as follows:

Watch for the following on the N/RC categories:

Preliminary summary of findings
Source: independent research by MGT of America, Inc.


Oct. 3, 2007