"At the heart of the educational process lies the child."

Central Advisory Council for Education. Children and Their Primary Schools (Plowden Report), H.M.S.O. (1967)

Notes: In conclusion we have to thank our steering committee of internal and external people who helped design and then advised us along the way on how to proceed with the project. Their insights contributed immensely.

The 27 school districts who helped us with this study had to work hard to help collect this data on an ongoing basis, school leaders, data managers, program leads all had to keep the study in mind in addition to what they normally do. Kids moved from building to building, classroom to classroom over time, complicating the paper chase. Helping their teachers learn and understand how to use the rating scales was an annual process. Helping the contractor find last year's files in the basement storage where there were gaps in data entry was also a challenge. Many a CSE secretary came to the rescue on that one. Teacher commitment of their precious time to complete the developmental scales among all the things they do is very much appreciated. Family participation and support for working with their children was a critical factor.

Without all of these people keeping children at the center of their concerns, we would not be able to bring this information out in the open.

This debt of gratitude means that we must make use of what they have allowed us to learn and make it a better system.


Oct. 3, 2007