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The Special Education Process for Principals

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The New York State Education Department (NYSED), P-12 Education, Office of Special Education is pleased to announce a professional development workshop designed to assist principals with the special education process for students with disabilities.

Summary of Training

Principals play an essential role in ensuring students with disabilities are successful. As the instructional leader of a school building, principals need to ensure that teachers are meeting the needs of all learners within their classrooms. They must have knowledge of the policies, regulations and research-based instructional practices that pertain to students with disabilities.
This training provides information about:

  • Special Education Foundation
  • CSE Process
  • Least Restrictive Environment
  • Access to General Education Curriculum
  • Discipline

Participants receive a desk top reference toolkit for easy access to regulations and best practices.

Overview of the Training

This workshop is designed to deepen a school principal’s understanding of the special education process. Key information regarding special education law and regulations is included to ensure each principal understands his or her role and responsibility in relation to the education of students with disabilities.
This training was designed for Principals and Assistant Principals, however, other interested parties such as Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) and Committee on Special Education (CSE) chairpersons and school administrators, are welcome to attend.
Participants will receive a desk reference toolkit with the most up to date special education policy and best practices, as well as learn how to build systems within your district to enhance collaboration between the principal and chairperson which will improve outcomes for students with disabilities.

Expected Outcomes of the Training

The expected outcomes of the training include the ability to understand the:

  • regulations related to special education;
  • CSE process; and
  • importance of collaboration to ensure access to general education for students with disabilities.

Whether a veteran principal or new to your position, having an easy to reference tool will assist with increasing district compliance and the development of best practices.

To Register

To register, please contact the Regional Special Education Technical Assistance Support Centers (RSE-TASC) Regional Trainer(s) in your area for dates, locations, and times.
Long Island: 631-218-4197
Lower Hudson: 914-248-3829
Mid-Hudson: 845-486-4840, ext. 3109
Capital District/North Country: 518-464-3938
Central: 315-361-5554
Mid-State: 315-433-2645
Mid-South: 607-335-1340
Mid-West: 585-249-7027
West: 716-821-7542 or 716-821-7544
New York City: 718-391-6844

If you require reasonable accommodations to participate in this training, please inform the Regional Training Specialist in your area.

For more information, please contact Sophie McDermott.

P-12: Office of Special Education
89 Washington Avenue
Room 309 EB
Albany, NY 12234
Phone: 518-486-7462
Fax: 518-474-2219
E-mail: smcdermo@nysed.gov

Last Updated: June 25, 2013