Special Education

Transition Specialists

NYSED has established 10 Regional Special Education Technical Assistance Support Centers (RSE-TASC) to act as a coordinated statewide network of special education technical assistance centers.

RSE-TASC are specifically structured with resources that will provide expertise to school districts to improve core instructional programs that research has shown to be effective for students with disabilities and to provide improved coordination of regional resources and accountability to NYSED for results.  Each RSE-TASC includes both regional technical assistance specialists and special education school improvement specialists who are located within each Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) and in each of the Big Five School Districts (Buffalo, New York City, Syracuse, Rochester and Yonkers).  While the regional specialists will provide training and technical assistance to groups of school districts across the region, the special education school improvement specialists will be working solely with those school districts identified by NYSED for ongoing school district improvement in core instructional areas for students with disabilities. 

Within each RSE-TASC, there are Transition Specialists to work with school districts to improve the school to post school transition planning process for students with disabilities.

Region 1 – Long Island

Matthew Jurgens
Cathy Pantelides
(631) 218-4197

Region 2 – Lower Hudson Valley

Kathleen Casey
(914) 248-2278

Region 3 – Mid-Hudson

(845) 486-4840, ext 3028

Region 4 – Capital District/North Country

Letah Graff
(518) 464-3947
Candy Tavernier
(518) 483-5230

Region 5 – Central

Kate Ferguson
(315) 361-5554

Region 6 – Mid-State

Colleen Crisell
(315) 433-2639

Region 7 – Mid-South

Hildreth Rose
(607) 324-1525

Region 8 – Mid-West

Jennifer Cacioppo
(585) 383-6693

Region 9 – West

Lisa Dearlove
(716) 821-7542

Region 10 – New York City

Karen Brown
Susan Derrickson
Paula Shorter
Katea Dale
Fern Alexander
(718) 391-6844

Professional Development Available

NEW - Transition Assessments to Inform the Development of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) will provide school personnel with information on identification and selection of transition assessments and how information from such assessments relate directly to IEP development.

Last Updated: January 10, 2014