Percent of School Districts Making Adequate Yearly Progress
For Students with Disabilities in All Required Subjects and Grades

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Percent of Districts making AYP

Summary: Percent of Districts making Adequate Yearly Progress for Studetns with Disabilities in all required subjects and grades

Percent of Districts making AYP
Baseline 2004-05 (n=290 Districts) Grades 4, 8 & High School2005-06 (n=675 districts) Grades 3-8 & High School2006-07 (n=648 districts) Grades 3-8 & High School2007-08 (n=655 districts) Grades 3-8 & High School2008-09 (n=665 districts) Grades 3-8 & High School

NYS exceeded the State’s Performance Plan AYP target in 2008-09

Decorative Image: Horizontal line showing target of 59% in 2008-09Decorative Image: Rounded Rectangular Callout: showing target of 59% in 2008-09

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