Parent Interview
Level 1 Career Assessment. Please answer 13 questions.

Student Name:

Parent/Guardian Name:



1)Has your child taken

What did he/she like about the class?

What did he/she dislike about the class?

Shop class

art class

Computer class

Music class

2) What are your child’s favorite classes in school?



3) List the chores/responsibilities that your child has:


Does your child work independently or What kind of help is needed?


Paid jobs


4) Where do you see your child’s best behavior? Are there any special people that your child responds to positively?




5) Are there any situations or conditions that cause your child to become upset?




6) What does your child like to do during free time? What activities does he/she choose?




7) What recreational activities does your child enjoy?




8) Does your child play well with friends? Brothers? Sisters? Anybody else?



9) How does your child respond to supervision (i.e., suggestions about free time use, correction)?




10) What are your child’s strengths? What does he/she do well?




11) What activities does your child require extra help in?




12) You know your child best. What are your dreams/hopes for your child in the future?




13) How can the school work with you so your child can achieve the dream? What should your child do to achieve this dream?