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Community Schools are public schools that emphasize family engagement, strong community partnerships and additional supports for students and families. Community Schools are designed to counter environmental factors that impede student achievement. Fundamentally, Community Schools coordinate and maximize public, non-profit and private resources to deliver critical services to students and their families, thereby increasing student achievement and generating other positive outcomes. Learn more about Community Schools here.

Webinar: The Role of the Community School Coordinator

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Join us for a webinar to explore the role of a Community School Coordinator as a key, strategic position in implementing a successful Community School model. The webinar will review essential skills, focus on the importance of moving from coordination to integration, and use a case study to outline real-life situations Coordinators face in the dynamic environment of a Community School.


Lukas Weinstein, Director of Special Projects, National Center for Community Schools, and

Nilka Rivera, MS 376 Community School Coordinator, YMCA of Greater New York

Hosted by the New York State Education Department

Tuesday, February 3rd, 10:00AM – 11:00AM


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Community Schools Coordinators Skill Set

The Role of a Community School Site Coordinator/Director

Stages of Development in a Community School

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Last Updated: February 3, 2015