Student Support Services

Extended School Day/School Violence Prevention (ESD/SVP)

This state-funded program supports collaborative projects that address the problem of school violence through extended school day programs and/or other school violence prevention strategies/resources.  These collaborative projects can be initiated either by a school district or by community-based organizations. A comprehensive approach is encouraged which focuses on creating and maintaining a school culture of support, safety and security.  Priority is given to high needs school districts since they often have poor school performance and a high frequency of violent incidents.

Article 55 - SAVE Legislation S 2814 Omnibus school violence prevention grant program

ESD/SVP Program and Fiscal Staff Information (ESD/SVP Program and Fiscal Staff Information presentation 1 MB) - 3/17/14

ESD/SVP Fiscal (ppt 152.0 KB)

On October 22 and 23, 2013 the ESD/SVP Coordinator's had their Annual Coordinator's meeting in Albany. The following are the presentations and handouts that were given throughout the day.

October 22:

Extended School Day/School Violence Prevention (ESD/SVP) Updates for 2013-2014 (power point 155 KB)

October 23:

P-12 Common Core Learning Standards: An Overview and Resources from NYSED (pdf 1.69 MB)

Strategies to Foster Critical Literacy Competencies (power point 10.25 MB)

Key Strategies for Successful Violence Prevention Program (power point 413.0 KB)

Maximizing Parent Involvement (pdf 870.97 KB)

Dignity for All Students Act: Updates (power point 9.57 KB)

The Power of Project Based Learning (power point 3.11 MB)

Thinking Outside the Box: Integrating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) For Your Classroom (power point 651 KB)

Afterschool Pathfinderexternal link is a career-building website for New Yorkers who work with and inspire youth.

You for Youthexternal link

Dignity for All Students Act - Resources


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Additional ESD/SVP information:

Social/Emotional Development and Learning (SEDL) (ppt 34.5 KB)

2010-2011 Extended School Day/School Violence Prevention Grant Recipients (pdf 14.16 KB)

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