Student Support Services

Commissioner's Regulations §151.1(d)

Current through March 31, 2010.



§151.1(d)  Scope of Subpart

The purpose of this Subpart is to provide four-year-old children with universal opportunity to access prekindergarten programs. This Subpart sets forth procedures and requirements for implementing such programs and making application to the Commissioner of Education.
  1. Eligible child means a child who resides within the school district who is four years of age on or before December 1st of the year in which he or she is enrolled or who will otherwise be first eligible to enter public school kindergarten commending with the following school year. Parents may choose to enroll their child(ren) in a universal prekindergarten program. However, once a child is enrolled in the program, an attendance policy(ies) must be applied. An eligible child may participate in the program when:
    1. A report of a medical examination of the child , signed by a physician, is submitted within 30 days of admission which states that the child is free from contagious or communicable disease; and
    2. The child has been immunized to the extent appropriate to his/her age in accordance with section 2164 of the Public Health Law, or has been granted an exemption from such immunization.