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CR 191.1

Current through March 31, 2010.


Employment Certificates

Casual employment for which employment certificate is not required.

Yard work and household chores in and about a residence or premises of a nonprofit, noncommercial organization for which an employment certificate is not required under the provisions of subdivision 7 of section 3215 of the Education Law and section 131 of the Labor Law shall include the following:

  1. Weeding;
  2. Raking leaves;
  3. Watering lawns;
  4. Shoveling snow;
  5. Sweeping walks;
  6. Washing dishes or light kitchen work;
  7. Other similar light household chores;
  8. Acting as a companion to younger children;
  9. Caring for dogs and other pets which have no known vicious propensities; and
  10. Acting as guides and other light housekeeping duties in hospitals and other noncommercial institutions.