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Section 3025 – Title IV, Article 65, Part I

1.   Each teacher, or other school district employee as may  be  designated by  the  commissioner  of  education under section three thousand twenty-four of this chapter, shall, by his  oath  or  affirmation verify  any  information  submitted  by such person to the school district for the purposes of use as  or  in  the  preparation  of school  registers  in  such  manner  as  may be prescribed by the commissioner  of   education   under   section   three   thousand twenty-four  of  this  chapter,  and  such  school  records shall constitute the source from which  the  average  daily  attendance shall  be  determined.   Such oath or affirmation may be taken by the district clerk or trustee, but without charge.    

2.   A  teacher  or  other school district employee as may be designated by the commissioner of education under  section  three thousand twenty-four of this chapter shall not be entitled to his salary for the last month of a term until he shall have made such verification  and  submitted  such  information as is required by subdivision one of this section, and the trustees shall not  draw on  the  county  treasurer,  or  collector  or  treasurer  of the district, for any portion of his salary for such month until such verification shall have been made.

Last Updated: March 10, 2009