Student Support Services

Title 4 Article 65, Part 1,Section 3208, 5 a - d

    1. Each board of education or  trustees  of  each  school  district  shall  provide  for  the  screening  of  every  new entrant to school to  determine  which  pupils  are  or  may  be  children  with  handicapping  conditions or gifted, as well as all pupils who score below level two on  either  the  third grade reading or mathematics tests for New York state  elementary schools and all students who obtain a  comparable  percentile  score  on  the  regents  preliminary competency test, in accordance with  regulations of the commissioner to determine  whether  such  pupils  may  have handicapping conditions.   
    2. Such screening shall include, but not be limited to:
      1. A physical examination pursuant to the provisions of sections nine  hundred  one,  nine hundred three and nine hundred four of this chapter,  including proof  of  immunization  as  required  by  section  twenty-one  hundred sixty-four of the public health law.
      2. A language development assessment. 
    3. If  such  screening  indicates a suspected handicapping condition,  which may  require  the  provision  of  special  education  services  or  programs,  a  referral  shall  be  made  to  the  committee  on  special  education.   
    4. If such screening indicates a possibly gifted child, the  name  and  finding  shall  be  reported  to  the  superintendent of schools of such  district and to the  parent  or  legal  guardian  of  such  child.  Such  notification  shall  not be construed as an entitlement for services for  any such child identified as possibly gifted.
Last Updated: March 16, 2009