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Section 3210.2 - Title IV, Article 65, Part I

S 3210.2. Attendance elsewhere than at a public school.

  1. Hours of attendance. If a minor included by the provisions of part one of this article attends upon instruction elsewhere than at a public school, he shall attend for at least as many hours, and within the hours specified therefore.
  2. Absence. Absence from required attendance shall be permitted only for causes allowed by the general rules and practices of the public schools. Absence for religious observance and education shall be permitted under rules that the commissioner shall establish.
  3. Holidays and vacations. Holidays and vacations shall not exceed in total amount and number those allowed by the public schools.
  4. Exception. In applying the foregoing requirements a minor required to attend upon full time day instruction by the provisions of part one of this article may be permitted to attend for a shorter school day or for a shorter school year or for both, provided, in accordance with the regulations of the state education department, the instruction he receives has been approved by the school authorities as being substantially equivalent in amount and quality to that required by the provisions of part one of this article.
Last Updated: March 10, 2009