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Section 3217, Title IV, Article 65, Part I

Sec. 3217. Procedure for issuance of employment certificates.

  1. An application for an employment certificate shall be made by a minor on a form prescribed by the commissioner of education.
  2. Before issuing an employment certificate the issuing official shall require the minor to submit the following:
    1. Evidence of age;
    2. Written consent of the parent or guardian;
    3. A certificate of physical fitness; and
    4. If the application is for a full-time employment certificate, a schooling record. In addition, in a city or school district which, pursuant to section thirty-two hundred five, subdivision three, of this article, requires minors from sixteen to seventeen years of age who are not employed to attend school, the certificating official shall require a minor applying for a full-time employment certificate to submit the following:
      1. A pledge of employment; and
      2. A schooling record.
Last Updated: March 13, 2009